South East corner of Rarotonga
NZD $7,500,000


MURI BEACH RESORT is an intimate, island style resort located on the south east corner of Rarotonga, right on the stunning Muri Beach overlooking a tropical palm fringed island in the Cook Islands. 

20 beautifully decorated deluxe self-contained villas and apartments. This intimate oasis in the Cook Islands offers a serene and tranquil ambiance, whether you prefer to wake up to a golden sunrise over a tropical palm-fringed islet and the glistening waters of Muri Lagoon or in the surrounds of a tropical garden.

MURI BEACH RESORT, is the only ECO-resort operation in the Cook Islands. We adopt a number of  very important practices to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and limit the amount of chemicals or harmful products that may end up in our landfills, earth or our waterways.

  • SOLAR POWERED Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, aware of the POSITIVE impact that this can have on our fragile environment. 

  • BOTTLE QUALITY TAP WATER - with a UV treatment plant treating all water that enters our property alo0ng with a stringent filtering system, we can produce bottled quality water for all our guest rooms, in fact, all water on the property. The results in a dramatic reduction in plastic waste from water bottles, plus a great cost saving for our guests who do not feel they need to purchase water.

  • OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES - Using bulk products for our Guest Room amenities reducing plastic waste of single use containers, Sulphate free cleaning products in our in-house Laundry and Housekeeping department, planting organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to supply our restaurants.

Muri Beach Resort specialises in tropical island style beach weddings and ceremonies and this is a successful component of our business.


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